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Mini Implants

If dental implants represent a revolution in restorative dental care, then mini implants are the next stage in this revolution. Mini implants enable dental surgeons to use implants in situations where traditional implants cannot be used, thereby extending their benefit to many more patients. For example, in the past patients with low bone mass (as a result of osteoporosis, for example) would require bone grafting. Today, a dental surgeon can often use mini implants, bypassing the lengthy and costly grafting procedure.

Mini-implants can also be used in cases of bone loss when the surrounding bone is not thick enough to support regular implants. Now many patients can enjoy the benefits of implants, especially older patients who require support for bridges and fixed dentures (which is usually placed at the front of the jaw, an area with a naturally thin ridge that gets thinner with age). In fact, mini-implants have become the go-to for denture support.

Mini implants, with their thin diameter, are also prime candidates for placing in small areas and replacing narrow teeth, such as lateral incisors.